Get comfortable being uncomfortable 

Get comfortable being uncomfortable 

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable means something different for everyone. For example, I don’t mind being punched in the face or having someone manipulate my body to cause pain. Tbh I probably enjoy both a bit too much! I also love sitting in the sauna for extended periods. I love ice baths and enjoy that sick feeling you get when you come off the assault bike.


I am always trying to find the next thing that makes me uncomfortable but I have clearly been looking in the wrong place!


As part of my endeavours to ensure longevity and total health and fitness, I did my first yoga class at Kingdom Yoga in Penshurst. Within minutes I was uncomfortable. Not from the postures, I quite enjoy that part, but from everything else. We were rolling our tongues and making noises while breathing, there were chants and talk of imagining how the body was connected to the floor with roots…


Now normally this would freak me out and I’m not going to lie, for the first minute or so I questioned why I was there. My chants were low volume so no one could really hear, but I was doing it, which I never thought I would. By the end of the class I had a basic understanding of the reasons for the breathing techniques and I honestly think it did make a difference. Plus I felt great, what a way to start the week!


So for me, being uncomfortable is doing yoga, the poses are fine but all the other stuff is alien to me. I have had no interest in that side of yoga before. I love the stretching but the rest of it was not my bag… until now. The reality is that I want it to be my bag because it made me feel uncomfortable!


So I’ve booked a block session of classes now and I am looking forward to the next one.


I have found my ‘uncomfortable’ and I am embracing it. It feels great.


Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. We as humans are designed to overcome things but if we never put ourselves in uncomfortable positions and environments, we will never understand our full potential.


If you are looking to do yoga here in Kent check out Kingdom Yoga, they have classes every day of the week with a range of amazing instructors. Plus the venue is stunning. I honestly couldn’t think of a better place to do yoga.

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