Meal Plans

Our meal plan delivery service will take all the stress out of preparing your meals so you can be safe in the knowledge you have nutrient dense, freshly prepared food ready to eat at home, take to work or keep you fuelled whilst on the go.

We deliver twice a week to your front door and at a time of your choice.

Now there really is no excuse to eat unhealthy food!


Our meal prep service provides you with freshly prepared, nutritiously balanced and delicious meals. All the meals are macronutrient analysed to give you the protein, fat, carbohydrate and calorie content of each one.


Know your macros?

Have a set number of calories?

Need to eat multiple times a day?

Current Menu


Smoked salmon, avocado, eggs, almonds and spinach

Protein: 24 g | Fats: 23 g
Carbs: 1 g | Kcals: 307
Allergens: Nuts (almonds), fish and eggs

Ham, egg, almonds and rocket

Protein: 21 g | Fats: 17 g
Carbs: 1 g | Kcals: 241
Allergens: Nuts (almonds) and eggs

Blueberry, almond and bee pollen overnight oats

Protein: 8 g | Fats: 8 g
Carbs: 31 g | Kcals: 228
Allergens: Nuts (almonds), milk and gluten

Natural yoghurt with homemade granola and seasonal fruit

(Macros based on blackberries, will vary slightly depending on the seasonal fruit used)

Protein: 10 g | Fats: 9 g
Carbs: 29 g | Kcals: 237
Allergens: Nuts (almonds), milk and gluten

Chorizo omelets

Protein: 18 g | Fats: 17 g
Carbs: 3 g | Kcals: 237
Allergens: Milk and eggs

Chocolate and almond proats

Protein: 22 g | Fats: 12 g
Carbs: 42 g | Kcals: 364
Allergens: Nuts (almonds), milk, soya and gluten

Lunch / Dinner

Beef mince curry with new potato, pepper and spinach sagaloo

Protein: 30 g | Fats: 15 g
Carbs: 23 g | Kcals: 347
Allergens: N/A

Venison and sweet potato cottage pie with green beans

Protein: 42 g | Fats: 8 g
Carbs: 29 g | Kcals: 356
Allergens: N/A

Thai salmon, cashews, brown rice and roast veg

Protein: 30 g | Fats: 23 g
Carbs: 38 g | Kcals: 479
Allergens: Fish and nuts (cashews)

Zataar roast chicken with quinoa, corgette and pine nuts

Protein: 34 g | Fats: 19 g
Carbs: 26 g | Kcals: 411
Allergens: Sesame and nuts (pine)

Spanish style chicken and chorizo with rice and vegetables

Protein: 38 g | Fats: 16 g
Carbs: 50 g | Kcals: 496
Allergens: N/A

Lamb tagine with freekeh, cumin roast cauliflower, spinach and pomegranate

Protein: 31 g | Fats: 32 g
Carbs: 42 g | Kcals: 580
Allergens: Nuts (almonds) and cereal

Guest dish

Based on seasonality and availability of new ingredients these dishes will be prepared to the same high standards but without the macro nutrients available. It is important you complete the allergen and dietary requirement section if you are going to choose this option.


Banana bread

Protein: 8 g | Fats: 32 g
Carbs: 22 g | Kcals: 408
Allergens: Nuts (almonds)

Nutella balls

Protein: 4 g | Fats: 21 g
Carbs: 14 g | Kcals: 261
Allergens: Nuts (hazelnuts)

Peanut butter protein balls

Protein: 12 g | Fats: 17 g
Carbs: 15 g | Kcals: 261
Allergens: Peanuts, soya and milk

Apricot energy balls

Protein: 6 g | Fats: 6 g
Carbs: 26 g | Kcals: 182
Allergens: Nuts (almonds), soya and milk

Cranberry and almond flapjack

Protein: 9 g | Fats: 45 g
Carbs: 59 g | Kcals: 677
Allergens: Nuts (almonds), soya and milk

Chocolate and hemp flapjack

Protein: 8 g | Fats: 25 g
Carbs: 43 g | Kcals: 429
Allergens: Gluten

All our food is sourced locally and where possible from suppliers here in Tonbridge. Meat from Ian Chatfields, fish from Linton Seafood, plus fruit and vegetables from just round the corner!! There are no refined sugars in what we produce and everything is cooked with coconut oil. Instead of throwing salt at everything, we season our food with herbs, spices and citrus juices.


With over 20 years cooking experience coupled with certified nutrition qualifications you can be sure that you won’t find a Kent based meal prep company cooking to the high standard that we set ourselves.




Below is a rough guide to our delivery radius. Slightly outside?
Don’t fret… give us a nudge and we will see what we can do.
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