Training partners

Training partners




Our first guest blog is written by Yousuf Nabi who is an active competitor

as well as being the owner and head coach at Elements Martial Arts in Brighton 

This thought provoking blog opens your eyes to some of the reasons people train

whilst giving people an understanding of the importance of your training partners


Check out his competition achievements here


To understand….

To understand the importance of a training partner, ask someone who doesn’t have one.


To understand the importance of time, ask your middle aged new starter.


To understand the importance of progress, ask the busy business man with a newborn that can only make it in once a week.


To understand the importance of Health, ask the injury prone or terminally ill.

To understand the importance of physical prowess, ask the young teen who has come in because he has been repeatedly verbally and physically bullied.


To understand the importance of confidence and security, ask the young woman who has enrolled as she was recently confronted down a dark alley.


To understand the importance of comfort, ask a seasoned competitor.


To understand the importance of one millisecond, ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Worlds.


Regardless of your skill level, lessons can be learnt from any one of your training partners.

A little bit about Elements……..

We seek to train with anyone who is willing to open his or her mind to quality martial arts without ego, and to learn in a relaxed, friendly yet competitive environment. We stay true to the theory that our classes favour technique and efficiency of movement over brute force, and will not tolerate any aggressive attitudes or disrespectful behavior in our gym. Respect is earned here through dedication to training and a friendly and polite attitude inside and outside the classes. Equip yourself with the ability to efficiently defend yourself, or the technique to excel in competition, achieving self-discipline, obtaining a healthy body and mind, and gaining great friends along the way. We look forward to training with you!

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